Teaching as Inquiry
"Often in our classrooms we get so busy planning for and managing the lessons we do with our students that we don’t allow ourselves time to reflect. Taking the time to reflect critically on the things we are doing in our classrooms is perhaps the most effective thing we can do to ensure that what we are doing is having the desired outcomes, and is changing our practice in the ways we want it to." (Wenmoth, 2007)
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Jamie McKenzie Workshop 3

CNS ICT PD Cluster 2006-2008
e-learning: Teaching as Inquiry reflections

"Approach teaching as inquiry as we would approach travelling to new places"
"Because context matters... inquiry is important"
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e-Learning: Teaching as Inquiry
Mt Roskill Grammar eLearning PLC
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The following professional learning links reflect Teaching as Inquiry (NZC,2007) to support programmes of professional development and learning.