Digital Resources

Supporting Quality Teaching

What teachers do when they use digital resources will be influenced by their instructional purpose, the qualities of the digital resource, and the attitudes and expectations that they bring to the learning task. This table identifies some aspects of instruction that are specific to using digital resources for literacy learning.The first two columns of the table are from Effective Literacy Practice in Years 1 to 4 (Ministry of Education, 2003) and Effective Literacy Practice in Years 5 - 8 (Ministry of Education, 2006, p.79).

Thanks to Jacky Hay from Learning Media for this matrix linking how students learn and what teachers do with effective integration of digital resources by teachers. This provides an understanding of how digital resources can support what learners need to do in order to develop and extend their literacy learning. I would recommend this as a useful reference if you are exploring strategies for using digital resources to engage students and promote literacy learning.
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Electronic Storybooks

Learning Media produce a range of electronic storybooks to schools containing texts with photographs, illustrations, audio and activities that are designed to appeal to a range of students. The aims of these CD-ROM is to motivate and support underachieving readers and includes a comprehensive set of notes for teachers. They contain illustrated texts with audio, a glossary, and activities. The texts have been adapted from print series such as the School Journal, the School Journal Story Library, and the Journal of Young People's Writing. These CD-ROMs are sent out to all schools. Please contact Fiona if you need support to source or integrate these resources.
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