Our Wired World
Auckland Computers in Education (ACES)
Conference Convener: Fiona Grant


Animators Phill & Jeff Simmonds (centre & right) with Acadamy Award winning filmmaker, Adam Elliot

Hello...we are wired!

Our Wired World

Adam Elliot

On the 26th September 2005 ACES hosted Our Wired World, a unique ICT and education conference where attendees experienced a one day animation extravaganza.
Presenters included Oscar Winner Adam Elliot, Kiwi animators The Simmonds Brothers and the makers of Bro' Town, Firehorse Films.

This event aimed to:
· explore the second education paradigm (Treadwell 2004, Branson 1999, Gandel, Katz & Metros 2003)
· explore the cutting edges of information and communications technology
· forge links between education, industry and the wider community
· create and foster a 'second tier' of leaders in the area of education and ICT.

Conference Feedback
As an attendee of the recent “Our Wired World” Conference, I would like to thank the organising committee for their hard work and persistence in getting this conference to occur. The small but inspired group who attended were treated to three outstanding presentations from Kiwis and an Australian who are currently working in the field of animation.
It’s not every day that you get to listen to an Oscar award winning director. I would strongly urge you to watch out for the next conference of this type as it will be an opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn some new skills that can be used with children to tell excellent stories. I am again inspired to experiment with animation in a classroom setting.
Thanks once again to the team. I really enjoyed myself; well worth giving up a day in the holiday break.

Luke Fitzsimons
ICT Facilitator
Hastings West ICT Cluster
Frimley School, Hastings