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Delicious is only one online book marking tool however, which ever you choose to work with, it is recommended that you explore how other teachers are utilising it first and take advantage of their feedback to save some time.

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Using Delicious and Learning Objects

Utilising Web 2.0 has enabled teachers to work cooperatively and effectively to integrate learning objects in their classrooms. Teachers at Sunnybrae Normal School in Auckland wanted to explore not only how Learning Objects could support their practice but also how the could manage access by students to reinforce learning in both Mathematics and English. At the time the school was not using a recognised Learning Management System (LMS). As an alternative teachers set up online book marking spaces using Delicious

Teachers were able to group and organise learning objects to meet specific learning purposes.
This was also reinforced through the use of tags within
When a learning object was added to the space it was tagged with a strand or learning focus, for example information report, addition.

Using the tag option enabled both students and other teachers to quickly access and share relevant learning objects. Teachers would also model accessing the learning object through and students quickly became familiar working and learning with this environment. Because the bookmarks were online students from any computer could access them form anywhere in the school. This improved set up time and increased efficiency of access during classroom sessions. Tags can reflect the purpose of the space and allow teachers to organise and share online resources around specific topics or for student groups. The key recommendations here were to:
• Keep tags simple and relevant to the learning purpose
• Save and tag as you go to keep the space organised and easy to access.
• Model access for students especially when using the data projector
• Work with other teachers to share both the responsibility for creating and accessing online materials especially within teaching teams

Also if teachers are utilising other online spaces as a LMS the tag list from Delicious can easily be inserted into a wiki or a blog. When logged into a Delicious account go to then copy and paste the html code as required.