What eLearning strategies reflect and support the
development of the Key Competencies?

  • Thinking
  • Relating to others
  • Using language, symbols and texts
  • Managing self
  • Participating and contributing

"Successful learners make use of the competencies in combination with all the other resources available to them" (NZC p.12)

What key competencies does Connie use to complete her performance successfully?

"Students need to be challenged and supported to develop them (competencies) in contexts that are increasingly wide-ranging and complex" (p.12)


**Living Heritage: Operation Phoenix North Shore**
Milford Primary School made a website about the Boxing Day Tsunami in Sri Lanka, and what their North Shore community did to help the people of Thalpitiya rebuild their village. The students also share how to keep safe if a tsunami hits the coast near Lake Pupuke in North Shore City. Living Heritage is a project that encourages schools to create a website that shares and preserves the stories of their community, whānau, and friends.

Marcellin College
"This research project involved both our students and their extended families. The students who were part of this project wrote a story about a cultural object from their home country that is now used in New Zealand. It could be used in the same way, or it could be used differently in the New Zealand environment.
When they had recorded their story, and it had been edited, some students brought the object to school to be photographed. Others borrowed a camera from school, or used their own camera, and photographed the items they had written about in their local environment."