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“Schools should explore not only how ICT can supplement traditional ways of teaching but also how it can open up new and different ways of learning”
(NZC, p.36).

How might e-Learning support the kinds of teaching approaches that consistently have a positive impact on student learning? (p. 34-36)

Take a few minutes to read e-Learning and Pedagogy (NZC, p.36)
Make a note of the digital resources that are currently used to support the following learning opportunities in your school.

  • Making Connections
  • Facilitating Shared Learning
  • Creating supportive learning environments
  • Enhancing opportunities to learn
Processing and sharing ideas to support further dialogue.
Give One Get One
Wall Wisher or Etherpad


When is digital content most effective?
  • embedded into an existing programme of learning
  • supported by relevant offline experiences (before and after use)
  • selected according to the needs and interests of the learner (informed by evidence)
  • supported by effective teaching
  • combined with other relevant digital content and learning experiences
  • learners work collaboratively.
(Research and Trials, TLF)


Enabling the 21st Century Learner

View chapter: Information and Sources of Content
Identify teacher actions that promote student learning and record on the observation sheet below.

A collection of quality digital content
(learning objects and digital resources)
Digital Collections:
Links to a variety of digital collections
that support the New Zealand Curriculum.
How can we use artefacts that represent student learning?

"Qualities of professional learning communities that promoted teacher and student learning...
...a focus on artefacts that represent student learning to ground our discussions and analysing the impact of teaching on student learning"
(TPL BES p.203)


Software for Learning:
The Software for Learning website informs and supports teachers to select and integrate software as part of a rich learning environment.

Student Work on Delicious

Wiki - Purpose of the wiki is for NZ educators to collaborate on building knowledge and understanding about effective teaching using software for learning.

Discovering our Backyard
This e-Story is designed to support teachers in
developing their understanding of e-learning
and effective pedagogy, specifically teacher actions
that may "assist the making of connections by
enabling students to enter and explore new learning environments" (NZC2007, p.36).

A Portrait of Students Today